Joyetech eGo One Mega V2 – $49.90 Pre-Order

Vapers browsing the internet right now for Joyetech products, be aware of a recent change. This dominant Chinese vape company has updated their eGo One Mega to a V2. If you think of buying the original Mega, expect to pay less for it. These models should currently be on sale as a result of those upgrades. Otherwise, skip it and wait for the eGo One Mega V2.

Joyetech eGo ONE Mega

Purchase the updated starter kit for this system and enjoy a number of improvements plus some new aspects. Flavor will be purer, performance more consistent, and safety is enhanced. These are all things to get excited about and reasons to set your standards even higher than before.

A Close Look at the eGo ONE Mega V2

Joyetech eGo One Mega V2 Mods

Select from two added settings for voltage output: Constant Voltage and Direct. Just hold the button in when the device isn’t fired up and a light will indicate which setting you are in. White light shows you that Direct Output has been chosen. Choose CVO and the light turns yellow.


Joye adds a new optional ceramic or CLC head to their range of replacements for the Mega tank. Ceramics run a long time without burning down, so if you buy and install one today it should still be working for you in a few months. They cost more, but their longevity pays for itself.


Joyetech safety is even better with their dual circuit protection system. With this new installation, you are protected from over-discharge, over-current, and over-charging. You would be surprised by the amount of damage these could cause if Joye wasn’t on the ball, especially with a 2300mAh powering their Mega eGo One.

Big Tank

The eGo One Mega tank by Joye holds up to 4 ml of e liquid but can be filled from under the top cap. This is so convenient, while their six color options make the device a stylish addition to your line-up of vaping equipment. Together the tank and battery measure 135.50 x 22 mm, equivalent to a regular-sized tube mod instead of an eGo.


Pre Order The Kit 49.90

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