Joyetech eRoll – $17.50

The Joyetech eRoll is a type of cigalike, a slim, sleek beginner’s pen. This is a long way from their eGo One V2 and AIO. An eRoll is more sophisticated than a regular cigalike and more cost-effective too. While the battery is small, Joye chose to copy the analog structure in case mini cigs are too big for consumers. Take a closer look at Joye’s vision.

The Joyetech eRoll Difference

Joyetech eRoll

These 90mAh batteries are short and narrow. They hold a charge for just an hour or two after which you’ll need to recharge, but with the eRoll kit you receive two batteries plus a portable charger. If one battery dies, just pop it into the PCC while you use the next one.

Other Equipment

The set also comes with a USB charger and wall adapter for home. While you sleep at night, recharge the PCC and your batteries. If you keep up with charging needs, you don’t have to go without a cigalike or feel tempted to smoke.

Detachable Parts

Usually, rechargeable mini cigs feature a battery and cartridge. The Joyetech eRoll comes apart into an atomizer cone and head, battery, and cartridge. You don’t have to change all parts at once but can replace the atomizer head when it runs out and eventually replace the cartridge if it seems worn out. This system enables users to fully clean their e cig which will increase its lifespan and improve flavor and vapor production simultaneously.

eRoll PCC

Joye’s portable charging case is an amazing item in its own right. Available in black or white, this item contains a 1000mAh battery. That’s powerful enough to last the day as batteries come and go.

eRoll Battery

The cell is not operated using a button but switched on just by puffing. It’s automatic, just like a cigarette. The cell also stops working if you try to puff for longer than 10 seconds at a time for safety reasons. As you recharge it in the PCC, the charging unit’s LED light turns blue. The light turns off when charging is finished.


eRoll For 17.50

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