Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini Starter Kit 10% Coupon

One of the best selling vape mods on the planet is the Joyetech eVic VTC Mini. It tops the charts with vapers and is well regarded by critics. Even though the eVic VTC Mini is so celebrated, Joyetech has not become conceited. They still sell it at an affordable price and vendors pass on those savings to supply reliable and attractive technology at a reasonable cost.

Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini Starter Kit 10% Off

Reflect on Joyetech

Why is Joyetech so successful?

Their mods and e cigs sweep the charts and win customer satisfaction repeatedly. Think of the eGo e cig, eGo One, and AIO, all quality, well-liked products. Reviews of most Joyetech devices show they can’t seem to put a foot wrong, at least not all that often, so what do they have that other mod makers don’t have?

Actually, there is a lot of strong competition also based in China, but all of the best firms, the ones that capture the public’s hearts and earn their trust, show themselves worthy by investing time in creating products that don’t break down after just a few weeks; with features customers can interact with easily; and in styles that appeal to a wide audience. Joyetech provides selection and is often aiming to supply something a little bit different from the rest like this vividly-colored box mods for advanced vapers.

eVic VTC Mini Mod Specifications

Many features of this machine appeal to vapers. There is the generous variation in wattage options from one to 60 watts. A lot of vapers will settle in the middle range when they select VW as a setting, but it is good to have 60 watts available to facilitate fast heating in TC mode. This range is 200F to 600F.

Bypass mode is another possible format depending on what you like best. Joyetech loves colors, or at least someone in the design department does and their chosen shades grab attention with ease. The VTC Mini is available in staunch black, delicate white, glorious gold, radiant red, or celestial cyan (a rich shade of blue).

Temperature Control and Variable Watt Coils

As operator of this Joyetech device, you have to be prepared to run atomizers using suitable coils for the setting you prefer. Buy Kanthal coils, replacing those regularly to prevent dry hits, and run the eVic VTC Mini at 0.1 ohms or up to 3.5 ohms resistance.

Install a 0.05 Nickel 200 or a Titanium coil and you are good to go in Variable Temperature Mode. VTC actually stands for Variable Temperature Control. Press an on/off button, choose the setting you like, then use small black buttons below the screen to move up or down through a range of values as per your format.

Always Upgrading

As you can see by adaptations to the eVic which became an eVic Supreme and now this sporty box mod, Joyetech is restless and always ready for change. Their mod comes with a USB port, so you can plug it into a recharging station and either update the battery’s charge level or update firmware which determines what your mod is capable of.

This internal control feature is responsible for setting wattage, temperature, and resistance parameters. It also protects the unit and runs a screen. This multi-functional system won’t allow Joyetech’s device to become too hot, suffer a short-circuit, or fire without sufficient atomizer resistance attached.

On-Screen Settings

This is no movie screen, but Joyetech compromised a big display for small dimensions without creating an unreadable format. Still, for the size of this mod your OLED display is super and it shows all the settings and readings mentioned above including the level of your battery’s charge.

Pair It with a Tank

Some sales sites recommend pairings for the eVic VTC Mini such as Joye’s own Tron and Cubis tanks. These are also well-made, designed and constructed to operate nicely when attached to an eVic VTC Mini Mod. The Tron holds 4 ml and a Cubis Tank can contain up to 3.5 ml of e liquid at a time.

Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini Starter Kit 10% Off


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