Kanger EMOW 1300mAh Twist Battery

The Kanger EMOW is like the Kanger 650mAh EVOD all grown up to its full height. Surely even chain-vapers come up for air to eat and shower. In other words, when the cell has been charged all night, it should last all day or about 14 hours.

Kanger EMOW 1300mAh Twist Batteries

Big Cell

This is a 1300mAh cell measuring 99 mm by 16 mm, so it’s not little. When you have one of these in your pocket, it is going to peak out the top. At least the EMOW looks like what it is: an e cig.

Protected Device

The Kanger EMOW Twist Battery 1300mAh provides a lot of power, so there has to be some form of protection incorporated to put newly intermediate vapers at their ease. After all, bad things can happen when a battery gets into the wrong hands, such as those of a curious child.

To turn the EMOW on and off, one has to press the switch rapidly five times. In other words, it’s a conscious motion so you can’t accidentally set the EMOW 1300mAh going in your pocket by sitting on it.

Voltage Variable

The “twist” part of this cell refers to its variable voltage component. Set voltage between 3.7V and 4.8V, a standard variation. Usually your battery gradually loses power, which leads to inconsistencies in vapor output and warmth.

Select how much output you like by twisting a grooved knob at the base and the battery will run until it can no longer sustain your setting. At 3.7V, the battery holds its charge longer than when used at 4.8V, its highest voltage when fully charged. Change this level by clicking the button three times.

Voltage Indicator

Since there’s no screen, you’re going to need some indication that voltage is where you expect it to be. That’s supplied by lights: white for high, green for 4.2V, and red for the lowest voltage. That’s also a sign to consider recharging your battery.

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