Tesla Spider 2T

What does the Vision Spinner have in common with a Tesla Spider 2T? They are both e cig batteries for the moderately experienced vaper. If you have been using mini cigs or eGos for a while and want to know what it feels like to own a bit of control, try the Tesla Spider 2T 1300-mAh battery.

Features of the Tesla Spider 2T

Tesla Spider 2T

So what does 1300 mAh mean? That is the number of milliamp hours available from your cell, but in layman’s terms you could equate this to a day of vaping. Once you get over 1000 mAh, steady vaping all day without charging is possible. Just plug the battery into a USB charger for the night or select a suitable adapter, and it’s ready for the following day.

Voltage Adjustment

Normally, an e cig or eGo battery starts out with a voltage level (usually 4.2v) which slowly drops to around 3.7v. When a smart battery (one fitted with a tiny chip) detects voltage drop, it lets the user know via a screen or flashing red light that it is time to charge the cell. With a variable voltage device, you choose the level you want and the cell maintains that level until it needs recharging. In this case the range is 3 to 6 volts.

Easy Grip, Durable Exterior

The Tesla Spider 2T 1300 mAh also shares something in common with the Aspire CF: a carbon fiber exterior over stainless steel. This gives the finish a textured appearance, makes the outside sturdy, and also helps you to grip the battery.

If you dropped it the cell itself would probably be okay but your tank might crack or become chipped, even a polycarbonate or acrylic one. It comes in just a few shades of carbon fiber. A Spinner or 2000-mAh Nunchaku (both from Vision) would supply you with more choices of hue and shade than a rainbow.

Flexible Threading Compatibility

This one offers 510 ego threading. In other words, attach a cheap clearomizer or a Kanger Aerotank; perhaps a Nautilus or iClear. It’s all the same, technically speaking, but the 1300-mAh Tesla Spider 2T is probably best suited to a low resistance (1.2 ohms to 2.2 ohms) atomizer.

The lowest resistance it will accept is 0.5 ohms (up to 5 ohms) and anything lower will prevent the Spider from turning on at all. That’s just another way of protecting vapers from high output but wattage is not variable and this is not a typical sub-ohm vaping pen that can fire down to 0.1 ohms. Resistance below 0.5 ohms could cause wattage to soar, overheating, battery venting, or a short circuit, and so be sure to have the correctly matched replacement coil.

Size of your E Cig Pen

The Tesla Spider 2T battery measures 18 mm x 140 mm and weighs less than 100g. This is without a clearomizer tank. The contact pin made from brass-plated chrome can be adjusted to accommodate many styles of tank or clearomizer.


The base contains your dial: turn this knob to set voltage. At the top of the battery is a crenellated portion into which your atomizer slides. About ¼ of the way down is a symbol, something like a crown: the king’s crown and his castle all in one package. Your price is probably going to be around $20 to $25 for just the battery, but it’s a high-functioning piece of work from Tesla, a classy operation.

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